Tailor Your Future – Career Speed Networking Event

Our networking event was a success this year. We were really grateful to all the professionals that attended our event to support students and provide them with valuable application and CV advice. We had representatives from 8 prestigious companies attend the event from a range of different sectors (AAB,ABB, AkerSolutions, Amec, Institiute of Civil Engineering, Marine Science Scotland, Shell, University of Aberdeen Medical Sciences). We had a great time and we are looking forward to see everyone at our next event!

12072680_923710421043142_4184238361400968217_n 12079612_923710224376495_7799471960709823481_n 12079655_923709984376519_89183412794658992_n 12088219_923710234376494_2071638786962515255_n 12088378_923710001043184_4517754461207887324_n 12106947_923709904376527_3653360759804366831_n 12106953_923709941043190_3434179378935601600_n 12141525_923710084376509_2678088687620594873_n 12141527_923710094376508_6769558362038786126_n 12143075_923710717709779_585025465990723481_n


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