5 tips to make the dough rise faster – Quick tips

5 tips to make the dough rise faster

Raising the dough is essential in many recipes: pastries, brioche, homemade bread, pizza, or Baba dough, etc. However, it can test your patience, as this usually takes 3-5 hours to complete. And unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. It must be said that the successful fermentation of the rising yeast in the dough requires the fulfillment of a number of conditions which not only speed up the process but also, more simply, allow it to take place. This especially requires a good room temperature as well as humidity, two conditions that may not be easy to meet without a little effort. How to make the dough rise faster and easier? Here are some tricks that work even if it’s cold in your residence.

1) Follow the basic rules for raising the dough

A few mistakes can seriously affect the rise of the dough. By following very simple recommendations, you can easily reduce your time:

– If possible, use a gluten-rich flour : it speeds up lifting. In any case, always check it for impurities (flour flies, sufferers, etc.) and always remember to screen it before adding it to the product.
– Do not knead the dough with hot water or milk, as this can kill the yeast and prevent the dough from rising. Use a instead lukewarm liquid and reserve hot water on the cloth you place in the bowl so that it rises and protects it from drafts.
-More a pinch of sugar to improve the fermentation of the dough. On the contrary, banish the salt to this stage as it will kill the yeasts!
– Remember also do not use inactive or dead yeast. The expiration date is a good guarantee of its effectiveness. The presence of dry, dark, or speckled parts is also a sign to look out for. If your baking yeast is in poor condition, prefer to make one yourself (recipe here).
– Be sure to knead the dough well to make it easier to rise by spreading the yeast well. Dry paste also lasts less well. So do not hesitate to soften it with a little liquid if necessary and cover it with a very damp cloth.
-Finally, do not add acidic or salty foods (pineapple, blackcurrant, orange, bacon pieces, vinegar, etc.) that can damage yeasts. Wait for the ascent to finish so you can add them!

yeast dough tips
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2) Use the dishwasher wisely

Of course, this is not a question of putting the dough in the dishwasher … But if you turn it over during cooking, you can empty it and slide the bowl into it when the appliance is still warm and moist. Its steam and heat give a good boost!

3) Passage through the oven to make the dough rise faster

Be careful not to heat the oven too high to avoid destroying the fermenters in the dough. The indoor temperature must therefore be below 40 ° C. Heat it to the minimum temperature for a few minutes, turn it off and slide the salad bowl inside before closing the door. You see, the dough will soon double. Sometimes an hour is enough!

4) In the microwave for convenience

Turn your microwave into an oven ! To do this, fill the glass with water and cook it for a few minutes at the highest temperature in the microwave. Then turn it off, add the paste to it and close quickly. Above all, do not remove the glass that continues to release steam. This speeds up the rise of the dough.

5) Water to make the dough rise

You can definitely place the tank above the hot water boiler (extinguishing a fire) or near a heat source (fireplace, radiator, etc.). Just be careful not to get in direct contact with the yeast so that too much heat does not spoil the yeast.