8 edible foods that will become a hit – Quick tips

8 edible foods that will become a hit

Looking for ideas to improve your sex life? Why not start by looking at your plate? An increasing number of studies suggest that dietary beneficial vitamins and nutrients have a clear effect on sexual function and experience. Also, if you feel the need to eat a snack before love, it may be wise to choose the right snack! But what foods can you eat to make a good impression, improve your libido and get rid of your partner?

The junk food and more generally, Western foods (too sweet, too salty, and too fatty) are often highlighted because of their detrimental effects on sexual health. It is therefore not very surprising that soft drinks, potatoes, energy drinks or very rich foods that clog arteries and strain the body are all foods that do not promote a satisfying sex life. However, this does not mean that it is good to be forbidden! In addition to aphrodisiac dishes, others need to be added to the menu to make them a good hit.

1) Coffee among foods is a good dose

cappuccino coffee
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It may seem surprising, but coffee would be great for satisfying sexuality. This can already be explained by the fact that, as a study published by the University of Texas showed, caffeine has very positive effects on women’s arousal. Still, according to the University of Texas, this time in other works coffee can also reduce erectile dysfunction. Here, the researchers had specifically highlighted the fact that this substance facilitates blood circulation and raises testosterone levels, which directly affects the erection of these gentlemen. Finally, other studies have also shown that moderate consumption is beneficial for physical performance and stress reduction.

2) Oats

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For good sexual health, Above all, you need good cardiovascular health.. Clogged arteries, thus preventing good blood circulation, will certainly affect the quality of your genitals, especially your erection. However, oats have the ability to lower cholesterol and it is a good source of L-arginine. This amino acid is very important here for the proper dilation of blood vessels. To fill with L-arginine (and succeed at your next leg party), nothing beats a good bowl of oats for breakfast or a snack with nuts, raisins and flax seeds (or seeds more generally)!

3) Nuts and almonds

raw almonds
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Nuts do not affect libido, however more performance, especially if you take them after a high fat meal. They really prevent your arteries from shrinking during physical exertion… regardless of type! As for the special case of almonds, they have long been associated with passion a sexual stimulant that promotes fertility. Like asparagus or fig, they are above all very rich in good nutrients and especially zinc, which is known to increase libido and cravings.

4) The fish is a good shot

mackerel fish
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It has been shown in the past that people who switch from a typical Western diet to a Mediterranean-type diet (based on olive oil, more fruits and vegetables, nuts) experience increased attraction to sex. However, fish is also plentiful in the Mediterranean diet and may have e.g. a very direct effect on your sex life. If a fish is good for sexuality, it can be partly explained by its omega-3 richness, especially for sardines, mackerel, or wild salmon. Omega-3s are indeed very helpful in improving blood circulation and can increase dopamine levels in the brain. So you are in the best conditions for making love!