Discover an easy recipe for homemade yoghurts WITHOUT a yoghurt machine – Quick tips

Discover an easy recipe for homemade yoghurts WITHOUT a yoghurt machine

The average retail price of flavored yogurt is 35 cents, so this little treat can quickly become expensive, especially when eaten by the whole family. And no matter how much we buy non-branded products, it will remain a significant expense at the end of the month! In addition, many households are tempted to embark on an adventure of homemade yogurts. The advantage is that you know what’s inside and know how to make the necessary quantities to avoid food waste. To do this, of course, it is possible to buy a yogurt machine, the high price of which will eventually pay for itself over months of use. However, there is also a very simple way to make your own yogurts without even investing in this device!

All you need are three basic ingredients and a simple pressure cooker. When the budget is very tight, this option is always welcome. In addition, the price of homemade yogurt is about 12 cents. Therefore, we do a nearly 20 cents in savings compared to supermarket yogurt. And of course it’s a pleasure and helps reduce waste. Here’s how to make this recipe!


– Natural yoghurt (this brings the enzyme to make yoghurts)
– 1 liter of skimmed milk
– Milk powder (for the amount, count the pot of yogurt)

Also bring a pressure cooker and possibly a thermometer and ingredients for seasoning your natural yoghurt. You will be given options at the end of the article.

Authors: Flickr / wuestenigel

Homemade yogurt recipe WITHOUT yogurt machine:

1) Start by boiling the milk first.

2) Then wait for it to cool to 45 ° C before adding the milk powder and natural yoghurt to a separate container. A thermometer can be useful at this point.

3) Pour the mixture into glass jars.

5) Then fill the pan with two glasses of water. Heat it and then allow it to cool.

6) Then you can place the pots there.

7) Finally, close the lid of the pan and allow it to set for at least five hours, preferably near a heat source. You can then put them in the fridge overnight.

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Your homemade yoghurts without a yoghurt machine are then ready to eat! If you are not a friend of natural yoghurts, remember that you can increase your personality prescription. You can add seasonal fruit in pieces to season. Strawberry, pear, pineapple, banana, peach, lemon, etc. Everything is allowed! Otherwise, you can also play an originality card by adding pink or purple to it. Finally, you can consider homemade Nutella or your own jam alongside it for even more pampering.