how to use it to sleep better? – Quick tips

how to use it to sleep better?

CBD (or cannabidiol) has been increasingly talked about since its arrival in France. Legal and drug-free, this relaxing active ingredient at the heart of a thriving market comes in several forms: CBD cosmetics, herbal tea flowers, chocolate bar, chewing gum, oil, beverage, lollipop or even e-liquid. And consumers demand more! For its various uses, CBD is highly valued for its effects on sleep. But to what extent does therapeutic hemp help improve sleep quality and how to use CBD for good sleep? Let’s assess the situation together.

CBD, an indirect effect on sleep

For now, No study links CBD directly to improved sleep. However, many user comments support positive effects on both falling asleep time and reducing nocturnal awakening, ease of falling asleep at night, fatigue caused by waking up, and insomnia. In reality, this can be explained by the fact that the properties of this product indirectly affect the quality of sleep.

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In fact, the effectiveness of CBD for better sleep is mainly due to the fact that this substance helps fight anxiety. It has anxiolytic and antioxidant properties and helps regulate serotonin, a hormone directly involved in mood regulation. In doing so, it allowssoothes anxiety-favored sleep disorders.

In addition to helping anxious people, CBD also has anesthetic, analgesic, and anticonvulsant properties. This makes it possible relief of acute and chronic pain. By reducing painful menstruation, migraines, joint pain (especially arthritis), fibromyalgia, or even cancer-related pain, it gives the sleeper a better position to sink effectively and permanently into Morpheus ’arms.

How to use CBD for better sleep?

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In what form should it be used?

As previously explained, CBD is available in various forms on the market. However, not everyone is as effective. Also, to get a good night’s sleep you need to choose the right product. Here, we mainly recommend CBD oil, which usually contains 5-30%. He actually has a an almost immediate relaxing and soothing power, especially when taken directly into the mouth. However, you can consider taking it with food. With digestion, the effects appear less quickly. Nevertheless, they usually feel longer.

On the other hand, it should be noted that infusions may be present less active, because their CBD content is based on dry matter, which may react poorly to water or be partially damaged by heat. On the other hand, it can be combined with other plants that benefit sleep (Valeria, California poppy, hops, passion flower, etc.) in its tea ball to maximize its effects.

CBD for sleeping: yes, but not alone!

CBD helps soothe symptoms that make it harder to fall asleep. However, he does not solve the underlying problem in any way who had previously motivated taking this substance. To restore good sleep, it is therefore advisable to consult a doctor so that the causes of insomnia can be identified and treated effectively. It must also be remembered that taking a CBD is in no way a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and daily sleep. Also, make sure you always have enough sleep (usually at least seven hours) and fixed sleep and wake times.